Blondel Thompson Crime

Call: 1987


Blondel has been a practising barrister for 20 years specialising in crime and sports law. She prosecutes and defends a variety of cases from Murder and Manslaughter to offences under the Theft Act. In a recent case, she defended one of four defendants facing an indictment containing 51 counts of historical rape, buggery, indecent assault.

In 1998 she became a Panel member for the Disciplinary Tribunals of UK Athletics. In 2010 Blondel was appointed as arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport, (based in Lausanne Switzerland). She is also a Panel member for the Inns of Court from which Disciplinary Tribunals of the Bar are drawn.

Appointed as Chairwoman in 2001 for The Football Association Appeals Board, that was extended in 2005 by Sports Resolutions to other areas such as Swimming, Anti-Doping, Child Protection and the Illegibility Appeal involving Sports Council Recognition of a sport.

In May 2013 Blondel Thompson was successfully interviewed and placed on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon List of Victims Counsel.

Appointed to the Ad-Hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as an arbitrator judge to cover the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.

Appointed as Specialist Member of the National Anti-Doping Panel.

2015 – Admitted to the International Criminal Court List of Counsel, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Recent Homicide Cases:

R v Perry & Perry - Led by David Crigman QC or the Crown. Mother and son accused of murdering husband. Defence of Insanity raised.

R v McDonald - Led by Christopher Millington QC for the Defence. The defendant faced and indictment of Murder and Attempted Murder. He left home armed with a machete entered two local shops and attacked the owners

R v Montiero De Sena - Led by Melbourne Inman QC (now Judge Inman QC)
The deceased telephoned the defendant, threatened to whip him. He visited the defendants home and asked to speak to him; a fight ensued during which the deceased was stabbed.

R v Lewis - Initially charged with Manslaughter the defendant faced an Indictment at trial of S18. The injured party refused to make a statement, but when he did months later he did not blame the defendant. His statement was served as Unused Material. The defence was forced to call the Injured Party and Defendant in the same trial.

R v Azim Razaq and Hussain - Led by Stephen Linehan QC for the Crown. Three defendants were charged with Kidnap and Manslaughter. The deceased had been threatened at his home during the evening, kidnapped later that night and found in the canal the following day.

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Organised Crime and Terrorism

Blondel prosecutes and defends offences of drugs, violence, firearms, car ringing and money laundering.

Reported Cases:

R v Pritchard - Car Ringing and Proceeds of Crime Act

R v Mathurin - Armed robberies of commercial premises linked by mobile phone forensic evidence

R v Rahmanzadaterani - Attempted Kidnapping

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Serious Sexual Offences

An approved rape advocate, Blondel prosecutes and defends serious sexual offences. She has also developed a defence practice in this area. In one recent case she defended 1 of 4 defendants facing a 51 count Indictment of historical sexual abuse. The counts covered rape, buggery indecent assault concerning issues of propensity to commit sexual offences against children and bad character. This trial lasted 55 days R v Clarke.

Other recent cases in this area are R v Durose, R v Taylor and R v Key all 15 count indictment of Historical Sexual Abuse.

Reported Cases:

R v Clarke 51 count Indictment of Historical sexual abuse Trial lasted 55 days

R v Taylor 15 count Indictment of sexual offences

R v Durose 15 count Indictment of historical sexual offences

R v Key 15 count indictment of Historical Sexual Abuse

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